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The Film Score Process

Using nearly 25 min of previously composed music, The Film Score Process is an immersive experience into Connor's composition of a feature film soundtrack.



Earth and Sky | Finding the Sound, Emotion, and Instrumentation of the Film

Earth and Sky - Connor Lemon
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The Main theme must accompany the visual imagery. When approaching a new score, this music becomes the moments: soft, atmospheric synths through a misty forest, strings in the tension between characters, or a soft, aleatoric duet between piano and harp as rain begins to fall. 

In every section there is room for further development and expansion. The moments become character themes and transitions between emotion. Selective use of instrumentation can lead to expansive builds, both subtle and extreme. 



On The Mountain | Character Isolation, Introspection

On The Mountain - Connor Lemon
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On The Mountain is an example of how selective instrumentation can create extended moments. This is an extension of several sections in the theme, using delayed tempo and soft subtle strings to isolate the main character in his thoughts or experience. 



Tensions Broken | Escalation of Emotions

Tensions Broken - Connor Lemon
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Tensions Broken demonstrates a major transition between characters. Where subtle strings previously hinted at introspection and possible anxiety, a heightened pace and constant build dramatically score the escalation of emotions. When this music was composed for a film at the script level, it was intended for a tense romantic relationship finally coming together in a climactic moment. 



Mud and Rain | Intense Circumstances, Climax of the Film

Mud and Rain - Connor Lemon
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Mud and Rain is composed for a suspenseful climax. Because it is not yet scored to picture, it pushes it's boundaries in intensity: both in instrumentation and repetitive structure. Similar to the main theme, these segments can be broken apart and expanded upon.

In this particular film, this theme came to represent a storm. The light introduction of rainfall led into a devastating spectacle: thunder shaking the massive trees all around, mud slides on the roads full of pounding rain. 

Earth and Sky

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