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Contemporary Classical, Ambient Instrumental

     Illusions22 is an instrumental album comprised of several soundtrack compositions commissioned for both film and dance. 

     The first track, Immersed, is a fusion of atmospheric electronic and contemporary classical composition. This was composed for concert performance involving 8 dancers, choreographed by McKell Lemon. The piece, titled "Nearsighted," premiered in the Waltmar Theater in early 2017. 

     The remaining five tracks share a similar foundation. The majority of the piano was recorded in one-take improvisations (lasting over an hour in some cases) where the melodies, harmonies, and themes were often developed in the span of one recording. The string instruments (including harp, bass, cello, viola, and violin), horns, and synthesizers built and extended the compositions after the initial piano was set. 

     Endlessly, Transcendence, and Indefinitus can all be heard in the soundtrack of the film In Neon Lights, produced by Apocalypse Pictures in 2016. 

     In Dependence expanded off of a similar improvised piano recording and was composed for concert performance, involving 8 dancers choreographed by Kira Bartoli. The piece, also titled "In Dependence," premiered in the Waltmar Theater in 2017. 

      These works continued to find life when world-renowned Israeli choreographer Ido Tadmor commissioned an edit of Endlessly for Chapman University's Fall Faculty Dance Concert. The piece, titled "Back to Magritte," premiered in the Musco Center for the Arts in late 2017 on 14 dancers. 

     From soft melodies to expansive builds, this album captivates listeners through a sound unlike anything you've heard before. Connor's unique style is emotionally expressed through a variety of deep moments and artistic expression. Find time to relax, and let this album take you on a journey.

Watch the promo video:

Illusions22 Preview

Film by Connor Lemon

Album by Connor Lemon

See the dances behind the music:

In Dependence

Choreography by Kira Bartoli

Composition by Connor Lemon


Choreography by McKell Lemon

Composition by Connor Lemon

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