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Audio Services

Mastering for live classical performance

To place an order, please download and send the completed order forms to

(  $ 1 1  / song )

Recommended for clean and clear audio files

  Continuity Editing:  Detailed removal of unwanted sounds while maintaining continuous room tone.
                                     *Not all sounds can be removed. The quality of the recording is important.
Volume Automation: Careful reinforcement of the dynamic range with overall levels in mind.
Filtering: Transparent filtering to keep the sound natural while removing unwanted frequencies.

(  $ 2 2  / song )

The final step in a professional sounding CD

What is Transparent Mastering?

  Mastering Equalizer:  Subtle boosting and cutting of frequencies to optimize the audio for speakers.
Mastering Compression (Optional): Compression lowers the dynamic range to make soft sections and notes sound louder, creating a more consistent volume level. Although used widely in the music industry, it is often preferred to preserve the dynamic range of the performance in classical music. You may choose whether or not you would like mastering compression performed on your audio.
 "Brick-Wall" Limiter: A tool used to maximize the overall volume of a track without audio distortion.

 Album Consistency: If submitting an album, each track volume level will be balanced with one another.

Transparent Mastering

Let the sound of your audio represent the quality of your artistry.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about your audio



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