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Artist Bio

Connor Lemon was born in 1993 as the fourth of five children, all of whom began piano lessons at the age of 5. At the age of 12, after moving from Utah to Idaho, his new piano teacher taught him how to write a song of his own along with some simple improvisation technique. Connor fell in love with the improvisational process and creativity- and never learned to play another piece of sheet music again. 

His music began to take a more serious approach when he joined the Men's Choir of Eagle High School's Choral Union, a department involving more than 250 singers. He went on to form the school's first Barbershop Quartet, join the Varsity choir as a sophomore, become the Bass section leader, and eventually conduct a women's choir of more than 60 students. Upon graduation, he received the Spirit of Music Award, as well as the award for Most Valuable Singer. 

It was during these musical years in choir when Connor discovered his first Digital Audio Workstation (or DAW) at a closing Circuit City store. Playing with Sony ACID Music Studio's loops and electronic synths led to a multitude of songs: some jokingly created with friends and family, others built into the late hours of the night with a laptop and a set of headphones. These experimental compositions eventually became Connor's first album: The Old Shit (2012). 

After traveling to more than 28 countries in a span of 9 months, Connor's siblings (Bryce J. Lemon and Alyssa Lemon) were in the process of editing a documentary they had filmed of their travels. Although Bryce and his editor Joseph Suzuki had already commissioned a few compositions for the soundtrack, Alyssa encouraged them to give Connor a chance to compose some music as well. His music immediately impressed the team and led to the entire replacement of the film's original score. Having began the project at the age of 18, Connor's first feature film soundtrack was released the following year with Take It With You (2012). The film went on to win the Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas International Film Festival and to receive international digital distribution. 

After high school Connor received a full-ride scholarship to Boise State University's School of Engineering. By the end of the first year, it was apparent that he could not let go of music so easily. In late 2012 Connor and Alyssa moved to Los Angeles to be a part of Bryce and Joseph's production company: Apocalypse Pictures. Connor became a student of The Los Angeles Recording School's Accelerated Program, where he graduated as Valedictorian 12 months later. During this time he simultaneously composed and completed his first Contemporary Classical album: The Lives Left Before Us (2014). 

After graduation Connor became an intern, and an eventual studio assistant at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions. Here he had the opportunity to sit-in with composers Lorne Balfe, Junkie XL, and Benjamin Wallfisch, as well as Mix with the Masters engineer Alan Meyerson. He used this opportunity to study the best in the soundtrack business as he developed the compositions for two feature films with Apocalypse Pictures. The first, being developed with the story at script level, was eventually cancelled after trouble funding the film. The 25 minutes of music composed for the script are now exhibited in Connor's website page: The Film Score Process. The second film however, did find funding. In 2015 Alyssa Lemon made her directorial debut with the film In Neon Lights, Connor's first narrative feature film soundtrack. Though the music of this score is not yet released, some of the tracks may be heard on Connor's EP: Illusions22 (2018).

Following a traumatic family event, Connor left both Remote Control Productions and Apocalypse Pictures to return to Idaho. Having previously composed two dance scores for his younger sister (McKell Lemon), he put his musical energy in a new direction, creating another dance score for her choreographic debut at Chapman University. Through this process he became determined to work as a freelance composer, and found great fulfillment in the creative process of music written for dance. 

In 2016 Connor moved back to California where he began working more closely with McKell and her colleagues in the Chapman University Dance Department. Over the last three years Connor has composed the soundtracks for more than 10 choreographed dance performances, including two works with world-renowned choreographer Ido Tadmor, a Presidential Fellow of Chapman University. Their most recent dance piece: God's Plan, debuted in November 2018 to critical acclaim. These recent dance scores now collectively total more than 90 minutes of music. They will be released this year on the album titled Choreia (2019).

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